Our flagship Professional Growers’ Mix was designed with your favorite plant in mind! Professional Bag Scientific Soils Professional¬†Growers’ Mix is the only product designed from the ground up in consultation with US and European soils experts to last the entire length of your growing cycle. It is mixed using a state-of-the-art computer-controlled Slootweg mixer to the highest tolerances available in the industry.

Scientific Soils Professional Growers’ Mix is not a bag of dirt culled from area development and composted forestry waste materials. Scientific Soils Professional¬†Growers’ Mix is a premium substrate designed for the entire life cycle of your plant.

The Professional Growers’ Mix is a no-compromises product containing chunky perlite for superior drainage and aeration and Canadian block-cut peat. Chunky perlite is still the best soil amendment for increasing aeration and drainage. Chunky perlite is expensive because there are only a few producers in the US and because its inherent fragility means the large pieces get broken in transit, resulting in a high level of transportation loss and a need to resift prior to mixing. Furthermore, great care must be taken in the mixing process itself, or it will again be broken into smaller pieces. All of this adds up to a labor intensive product.

The Professional Growers’ Mix also contains Canadian block-cut peat. Block-cut peat is cut from the bog and set above water level to drain–for months, sometimes up to a year. This takes the moisture content down from 90% to about 50%. The result of this time-consuming procedure is a chunkier peat with much longer fibers that aerate and perform better in the pot than less expensive milled, vacuumed peat.

Key structural ingredients: Coir, sphagnum peat, reed-sedge peat, perlite, composted plant material.

What to expect: A fast-draining substrate that requires watering every 2-3 days. Pot up your plant and stand back!


Scientific Soils Gardeners’ Mix¬†Gardeners Bag
Scientific Soils Gardener’s Mix is designed to provide the same great results as our Professional Growers’ Mix, but with a reduced cost. We’ve accomplished this by:

A) Substituting cypress chip for perlite. Cypress chip does not steal nitrogen like other woods, although unlike perlite, which is closed-pore, it does retain some moisture. Structurally, it functions like perlite to help retain oxygen in the mix.

B) Substituting milled, vacuumed peat for block-cut peat. Milled, vacuumed peat is faster to produce, but contains a higher concentration of fine peat granules. Structurally, it functions to pace the drainage of the mix.

That’s it! Both the Professional Growers’ Mix and the Gardeners’ Mix are thoroughly performance tested, contain probiotic and endo/ecto-mycorrhizae and a full nutritional profile.

Key structural ingredients: Coir, cypress chip, reed-sedge peat, composted plant material.

What to expect: A slower-draining mix that requires you to water only every 3-4 days. Pot up your plant and relax!