“I am a grower in Michigan and I have tried Pro-Mix, Ocean Forest, Black Gold and even Rothbury Medical Mix and I have to say KUDOS TO YOU. I am sticking with your soil from now on!”
M. B. -Mason, MI

“I haven’t had such success with my tomatoes, peppers or rhubarb in all the years I’ve been growing them. I can’t imagine growing my vegetables without Scientific Soils.” Eleanor S. -Pinewood Springs, CO

Eleanor (above) with her container-grown tomatoes.Eleanor rhubarbEleanor rhubarb leaf

“Best soil ever! I wouldn’t think of growing in anything else. It makes everything spectacular – from flowers to vegetables and everything in-between. I have used it with all my plants, even orchids and it is awesome.” Jane -Estes Park, CO

“Hey, just an update on the soil. Just finished everything–went well again. I switched to tap water this time (as you suggested) what a diffrence in growth–color, texture just looked great. No nutrients or cal mag used this time just straight up tap water. I’m very impressed with using tap water verses r/o water. I’ve been buying r/o water for years and never realized I was being cheated lol… my yields are up again. Thanks again!”
Mikey -Burton, MI

“I am near the end of my second cycle using exclusively Scientific Soils. Previously I was using Ocean Forest and following the prescribed Foxfarm nutrition regimen, requiring the application of a number of different products. During this first cycle with only Scientific Soils I applied no nutrition during the entire cycle apart from one dose of compost tea in the fourth week. The increase in yield exceeded my expectations, from 7.25 to 10.75 lbs!
In this currect cycle I have four plants which did not get transplanted out of Ocean Forest, co-existing in the bloom room with other identical plants (cloned at the same time) which were transplanted into Scientific Soils. For four weeks all plants have received identical treatment in terms of water, but with no addition of nutrients. The plants in the Ocean Forest have been getting progressively paler (almost lime green), have about half the rate of the growth of the others, and are lagging in flower production. I transplanted one of them a few days ago into Scientific Soils and it is already showing a darkening of leaf color and a subtle increase in appearance of health.
I’m a fan of this product. Even if the yield was no greater I like the fact that I do not have to be always adding bottled nutrients.
Anonymous Gardner -Boulder, CO

“Just wanted to tell you again how damn pleased I am with this soil. My last crop in a soil-less medium was like watching Stevie Wonder drive. I was veering all over the place, and spending hours a day trying to correct what I’d done the day before. Now when I check my garden it takes 2 seconds (thus I have more time for family and fun) and every day… and I mean EVERY DAY, I see good healthy growth. Kudos, my friend. Kudos!”
Anonymous Happy Customer -Denver, CO

“I have used this soil, start to finish, with AMAZING results… no need to feed with this heavy hitting organic gold in a bag”
Farmer Lars -Longmont, CO

“Having Scientific Soil come into our lives was like a breath of fresh air, literally. Before finding this product, my staff was mixing a complex blend for our soil. Not only was the soil mix expensive because of the need for added nutrients, it was messy, time-consuming, and dangerous for the staff to inhale because of the addition of perlite. With its probiotics, endo and ecto mychorrhizal fungi and beneficial bacteria, Scientific Soils is a one stop shop solution to all your organic soil needs. Out of the bag it is the best soil your hard-earned dollars can buy, it has simplified our production and in turn made our jobs much easier.”
Helping Hands Herbals -Boulder, CO