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Scientific Soils - Factory Overview

Factory Overview

Scientific Soils - Factory Monitor "Mixing Line Overview"

Mixing Line Overview

Scientific Soils - Factory Monitor "Mixing Line Overview"

Factory Monitor

Scientific Soils is the product of years of growing experience. In 2009, when we opened our first caregiver operation in Boulder, CO, the need for a high-volume of pre-mixed, organic growing substrate became immediately apparent. Far and away the greatest time-sink was having to stop and thoroughly mix a new batch of soil every 1.5 to 3 weeks for over 1000 plants. As any grower knows, it is critical to get this right because failure to do so creates so many time-consuming problems further along in the grow cycle. It is enough work to be pruning, potting up, training and watering that having to add high-volume soil mixing (and the cleanup afterwards) to the list of tasks is impractical. Furthermore, the plants have slightly different nutritional requirements in their flowering phase, adding complexity and more soil mixing.

So we immediately got on the phone with some soil experts we knew of in the US and Europe and started out with what was a pretty good mix. From that starting point we refined it based on what the plants “told” us they needed. After two years and six versions of formula testing, sampling, lab analyses, and refining, we started sharing the product with other area medicinal growers–which resulted in more refinement. Based on the enthusiastic reception from our colleagues in the industry, we decided to bag and sell the product. And we continue to refine the product based on our customers’ feedback.

We encourage your own feedback and are always available to answer your growing questions. Thanks for visiting our site and thanks for using our product–the world’s first just-add-water mix for medicinal growers!

Read Spear, Owner
Scientific Soils